Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Charity Cooking Demo At Spastic Centre on Korean Fried Chicken & Cheesy Tuna Puff

I have neglected my blog for the year 2015.  I am in the verge of giving up blogging as I have encounter problem  on missing blog posts and even  photos are missing.   Hope I can gather enough energy and IT knowledge to tacle the problem.  

My main purpose of this post is to share the recipe of my yummylicious Korean Fried Chicken and Cheesy Tuna Puff which I demonstrated at Spastic Centre on their monthly cooking demo event on 22nd August 2015.
The  monthly charity cooking demonstration is organize by Women's Auxilliary of  Spastic Centre, Petaling Jaya, headed by Datin Faridah. The funds collected will  be channel to the centre for the spastic Children.  Every month I will  post the event details on my facebook.  

Only during these 2-3 years I shared my culinary and some baking knowledge (I am just a home chef cooking for my family, and I did not go for any professional training) through charity cooking demonstration, namely Spastic Centre, Ti-Ratana, and Shelter Home 2.  During these journey of returning back to society and community, in return I gain more knowlege of culinary and enjoy every moment of it.  

So, Ladies do make a date with Spastic Centre, PJ every month.  (Normally the is the last Saturday of every month  and subject to change).

A big thank you to my friends came to support the event.  We have a  record of close to 50 participants.

Now lets the photos do the talking.  I have no chance to take  any photos myself while demonstrating,  photos taken are courtesy by others.  A Big Thank you.

The Korean Fried Chicken Wings

These Korean Fried Chicken Wings prepared for my family prior to the demo.

Cheesy Tuna Corn Puff -  Will share the recipe in my next post.

Updated on 14th Sept.15 -  
A write out on the event by Sin Chew Daily星洲曰報 Metro Edition 大都會 12th Sept 15 Saturday write out on the Charity Cooking demo that I did the demo Spastic Centre, PJ on 22/8.