Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ogura Cake With Palm Sugar #8 椰糖相思蛋糕

My Irresistible awesome and yet healthy (no butter and  less sugar ) Ogura Cake Series  contintues..........

This round I added in palm sugar  (gula melaka) and poppy seeds to give that extra  oumph!  
Yesss!   To all my dear baking enthusiast on facebook, the answer is PALM SUGAR (GULA MELAKA)  flavor!  And no one got the answer lo...         Cheers and enjoy!

Care to join me for a cup of hot lemon tea with Gula Melaka Ogura Cake?

 Added some poppy seeds to enhance the flavor and make it more attractive!

( adapted from Jasmine Ang in Chinese version)

 Ingredients A

Corn oil  65gm
Milk 80 ml
60gm palm sugar (gula Melaka) -  chopped in small pieces
1/4 tsp salt
100 gm Egg yolk  (about  6 Egg Grade A yolk = 108gm)
1 egg
65gm Superfine flour
Ingredients B

200gm  egg white  (about 6 grade A white ± 220 gm)
35gm  caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method A
  1. Melt the  palm sugar and milk using double boil method.  Set aside to cool.
  2. Beat egg yolk, whole egg, corn oil, salt and no. (1)   till foamy.
  3. Mix in flour slowly till well blended.  Keep aside.
Method B
  1. Beat egg white till foamy add in cream of tartar and sugar in 2 batches, continue  to beat beating until soft peak formed or meringue (the egg white mixture) will not drop when over turn the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix 1/3 of  of the meringue  into the egg yolk batter slowing  till well  combined.
  3. Add  in  all the above into the meringue and fold in till well blended.  Lastly add in the poppy seeds
  4. Pour in a 9" cake pan and  using steam bake   method and bake  for 45 mins at 170°C
  5. Over turn the cake to cool.                       

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A 玉米油65g,椰糖50g 鲜奶80ml ,盐1/4tsp ,蛋黄100g ,全蛋一粒,低筋面粉65g

B 蛋白200g,糖35g  塔塔粉 1/2 茶匙


1,椰糖加入鲜奶方法溶(double boil), 煮溶后过筛。放凉备用。
5,倒入铺好纸的7寸四方模,用170度蒸烤 45分钟。


  1. Hi christine, ogura cake is a challenging cake for me, I only baked it for once. Yours turned out beautifully , well done!!!!

  2. Thank you Esther and Joceline! And thank you for dropping by again, hope to befriend both of you on FB, Cheers ^_^

  3. Christine, you are the Queen of Ogura cakes! Love the cake lah! I baked twice last week, the pandan one. Can I ask 1 question? When I add flour, my mixture got small lumps. Is this normal, ah? Second time, I sieved it to make it smooth.

    1. Phong Hong, Thanks for the compliments but a bit exaggerating lo! Paiseh le ^_^
      I am sure yr Pandan Ogura Cake is a success too, right? Can show the photos?

      Add in the flour slowing and blend and mix well till lumps free! I did not sieve the batter and cake turn out well. FYI at times I failed my baking too. =(

  4. Hi sis,did we need to take out the cake when over turn it for cool?paper only at bottom right?

  5. Chin, over turn the cake pan with the cake. I place paper at the bottom only after many trail and errors. Thanks!

  6. Hi Christine, thanks for sharing this idea of using palm sugar and poppy seeds. I can imagine the aroma of gula melaka. I like the cake top, so smooth and even coloured.

  7. Kimmy, U are welcome, as u mentioned we share the same passion, more diff flavour Ogura cakes for sharing are on the way, hehe....

  8. Very nice cake. I will be very happy if I can bake as nice as yours.

  9. Hi Shui, TQ! You too can bake nice cakes! Give it a try!