Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Effective Home Remedy for Cough = Steam Orange

My eldest son  has been coughing for quite a while.  After taking cough syrup and antibiotic, the cough still off and on kind of situation.   Doctors commented he has lungs infection and nothing serious to worry about.  
I found this home remedy for cough on a Facebook page and it worked so well for my children.  Try a few times on my son.  Now he had an occasional cough - not as frequent, severe or lingering like his previous experiences. The condition improves tremendously.  This home remedy for cough is very effective for my two daughters as well.  
Decided to put this into record and I  am  sharing with everyone on this effective home remedy for cough, but take note it may depend on condition of individual.  You now have your home made cough remedy that is safer and more effective than the over the counter brands. But do always keep in mind that  each individual is different and so is the severity of the cough, and what works for others may not necessarily work as well for you.  Sharing with you here another  earlier recipe on  Double boiled Pears for cough relief.  Hope that will helps. 

爱吻 soh 短片,静思语都在这里 ( This is the FB page where I found the cough remedy)


 A fresh orange

Wash and soak the orange  in salt water for about  15 mins


Slice the the top part of the orange as resemble  as cover.

Sprinkle some  of salt on top of the orange.

Use a chopstick/fork to prick  and mix the orange fresh and the salt.

Cover the orange with the top part of the orange

Steam the orange in a bowl over boiling water for about 15 minutes

Peel off the skin of the orange.  Eat the orange fresh and drink the water in the bowl.

Wish this steamed orange with salt will help to relief your cough!

Be Happy and Stay Healthy!


  1. this 1, really work anot ??不会更咳吗?? I saw before, but i never try...

  2. Winnie, my son has been coughing on and off regularly, he even went for check up and X-ray and seem everything is OK. But still cough, cough n cough. After I steamed the orange for him, and found that it really work for him. It works with my daughter and husband too! But I think it still depends on individual lo! But it is a natural remedy, orange with salt, no harm trying, there won't be any side effect!

  3. Hi mommy, does it work on coughing with phlegm?

  4. Hi dear daughter Sharon, I think so, no harm trying it out, the ingredients are all naturals lo.... Hope this will work on you lo..... Take care dear...

  5. Thank you so much! I will try this method for my mum.

  6. Karman, Hope this can help yr mum! TQ!

  7. It works for me.. My iciness in my throat the last few days is annoying. I tried this and I was able to sleep thru the night. Thanks for sharing and everyone who has throat infection should try.

  8. I have tried it. It works! For the explanation, go here:

  9. Hi Angel, TQ for dropping! Gambateh!

  10. Thanks for sharing. My son is cough. I will try it today. tqvm

    1. Hi Janice, Hope this will help yr son! Speedy recovery!

  11. A friend of mine taught us this remedy and it really works. My son recovered on the third day without taking any medicine :)

    1. Hi Tinabaxter, That is great! Speedy recovery!