Monday, April 29, 2013

Fook Kee Seafood Restaurant 福記海鲜飯店 (醉猫)

Fook Kee Seafood Restaurant 福記海鲜飯店 (醉猫)

This is a lost and found  restaurant for almost 2 years.

My family used to patron this  authentic famous restaurant when it was originally located along Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur during the mid 90s.
As the development begins to flourish around this  part of Kuala Lumpur, this Restaurant has to make way.   First to Queens Park and later when Queens Park was torn down, they moved to Cheras and we parted ways because of the distance.   Even then we used to come back to patron it once a while. That was when we lost touch for more than two years.
Recently, we managed to track it down thru FB and the rest is history.

And I strongly believed there are many people used to patron this restaurant and lost touch with it like me.  Hope this post will help those to who are searching high and low for this popular restaurant for those staying around KL and Cheras area.  

This restaurant serve many delicious dishes.
Prices are reasonable. 
I give the restaurant a 8 out of 10 on my scale!

Spicy deer meat in hot wok 鹿肉  This dish has the choice of prawns, squid. 

Steamed Fish

Bean cured with Preserved Veg ( choy poh)

Besides the above there are many other varieties of dishes to choose from:-

The chilli Steamed Fish is another signature dish.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet Corn & Water Chestnut Dessert 玉米马蹄柠檬甜品

A smooth dessert to soothe you on  a sunny and hot  afternoon.  This sweet broth is prepared last Sunday, and  I was out of town last few day, and my  PC fell ill need a major overhaul, that leads to the delay of the posting and  unedited photos.

The recipe is the same  as Water chestnut and Lemon Dessert  which I posted on my blog earlier except I added sweet corn into the sweet brooth.


250 gm skinned water chestnuts
4 cups water
80gm rock sugar or adjust to taste
1 tbsp cornflour  - mixed with 2 tbsps of water
1/2 lemon

sweet corn from 1 stalk of fresh corn
4 pces pandan leaves (washed and knotted)
1 egg slightly beaten (this is extra that I added on)


  1. Diced water chestnuts into small pieces
  2. Cut lemon into 4 thin slices and juice the remaining lemon
  3. Bring water and pandan leaves to a boil. Add dices water chestnut and rock sugar
  4. Add in the sweet corn.  Boil for 5 - 10 mins.  Remove the pandan leaves.
  5. Add water cornflour  solution and lemon slices.
  6. Mix well and cook for a while.
  7. Pour in the beaten egg, off the fire wait a while  then stir the broth for a smooth texture add in the lemon juice.
  8. Serve.

Make sure not to over cook the beaten egg, once the egg is pour in, off the fire wait a while then stir to create  a smoother broth.

This post  is linked to Little Thumbs Up 'Corn' hosted by Esther of Copycake kitchen, a blog hop event organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy kids and Mui Mui of My little favorite DIY  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Sesame Ogura Cake and Orange Ogura Cake # 9&10

After I posted the Pandan  and Coffee  flavors Ogura Cakes  during the month of March 2013 for the Malaysian Food Fest event.   
I find that there is an uptrend  of  Ogura Cake  craze!   Originally this craze was among  the Chinese  bloggers.  
Now  the wind of Ogura Cakes  craze strikes again with more people wanting  to bake the popular cakes.  This is my personal opinions only.  
The reasons, I think,  its more healthier, and I want my cake without and frosting, cream.  Plain is BEST! 

I am posting Black Sesame Ogura and Orange Ogura Cakes at one go  as I have quite a number of postings in the waiting  lists...... Phew.......

Black Sesame Ogura Cake

Seeing is believing !   Its cottonly super soft, moist  but not damp!

Up Dated on 31st August 2014

Specially baked this Healthy Sesame Cake Merdeka Day Celebration with Fuzi Magic at Devi's Corner Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 

 I am so happy the result is almost flawless.  The cake is so soft and light and it seems  can't stand on its own and going to fall anytime.  LOL

I am sure they will give me all thumbs ups for this fabulous Sesame cake.


Super Soft Orange Ogura Cake

Orange Ogura Cake with poppy seeds

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fusion Feast at Home Sweet Home

Fusion Feast of East Meets West and West meets East at the comfort of home sweet home with buddies on a   lazy Sunday afternoon 14th April 2013.

This photo was shot in a hurry as everybody is hungry can't wait any longer de!  ^_^

I have been busying in the kitchen alone since morning  to dish up these dishes for my buddies to enjoy.

The dishes are -

1.  The clam and corn chowder

2.  Garlic French toast

3.  Japanese Okonomiyaki  (お好み焼き)

4.  Carolline Seaweed Mango Kerabu (Salad)

5.  Sesame Ogura Cake  ( Baked a day before)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ogura Cake With Palm Sugar #8 椰糖相思蛋糕

My Irresistible awesome and yet healthy (no butter and  less sugar ) Ogura Cake Series  contintues..........

This round I added in palm sugar  (gula melaka) and poppy seeds to give that extra  oumph!  
Yesss!   To all my dear baking enthusiast on facebook, the answer is PALM SUGAR (GULA MELAKA)  flavor!  And no one got the answer lo...         Cheers and enjoy!

Care to join me for a cup of hot lemon tea with Gula Melaka Ogura Cake?

 Added some poppy seeds to enhance the flavor and make it more attractive!