Friday, June 29, 2012

Malaysian Delights - Rendang Ayam 冷當鸡

Eeeeee......Errr.......Hmmmm........  Really having a big problem on how am I going to write this recipe on this Malaysia famous cuisine -  Rendang Ayam!  I would not  like to claim credit  on the preparation of this  authentic dish of Chicken Rendang  which is suppose to be time consuming with lot of  tedious chore - peeling, pounding, preparing of the Kerisik and so and so on............ But the finish product of the dish is worth the effort  with everyone enjoy the dish with  extra cooked rice.  (Tambah Nasi)   ^_^
I took the short cut to serve  this unresistantable drooling  dish on the dinning table. 

 Practical everyone is drooling in front of the screen when I posted this photo on my facebook!
How about you?      Wooooohhhuuu.........

As for me,  I enjoyed watching hubby enjoy the dish.  It is really finger linkin' gooooood..........

CONFESSION   -  I just bought a packet of Rendang paste and follow the instruction, and the scrumptious Chicken is born.   In addition I add on few stalk of smached lemon grass (serai), if you have the daun limau purut to add on 'lagi' best!  But I omitted the " Kerisik".  Kerisik is made from  grated coconut  toast  in a dry pan over low heat. Stir constantly until the coconut becomes golden brown,  pound the toasted coconut while it still hot till oil appeared.

 Ready to cook Rendang paste.   Do not under estimate this packet of rendang paste, it really do wonders leh!  At the same times minus all the messy chores in the kitchen.  I enjoyed it,  hope you and your family will enjoy it too!       Wheeee..................

At the same times don't forget to try my another  spicy chicken dish  Tumeric Chicken   黄姜鸡 which is a hit too leh!

You may leave your comments in Chinese or English for me to improve my cooking !  TQ! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nutritious DIY Chicken Essence with Ginseng 泡参炖鸡汁

Glad to have some sporting Facebook friends to take  part in the small contest without prize during the weekend.   (~.*)    To my facebook friends, do look out on my wall for some mini contests every now and then to spice up our days!  Sometimes come with a small prize but most important is to have fun and interacting with everybody! \(^_^)/ 

Chicken essence have lots of nutritional value – the main one is the chicken essence acts as a tonic and rejuvenate our body. It is also known for improving mental alertness!
It not only helps to restore physical strength and strengthen bodily functions, but also replenishes body fluids lost through stress, illnesses or childbirth. It is beneficial for individuals experiencing fatigue, lack of sleep, general weakness caused by illnesses and poor post-delivery management.
 This pot is specially designed to double boil chicken essence and you add in enough water and double boil for 3 hours or so without adding in more water to the pot!  The water will not dry up in the pot as the cover are tightly cover without letting out steam and vapor.   Sound great, right?

The pot comes in 5 pcs  -  The pot with 2 handle, a cover,  1 taller pocelian, a smaller pocelian with holes at the bottom and sides and a pocelin lid.  (As show in the picture below)

 The chicken essence is sweet and with a taste of gingseng!  Mamamia!  Yum Yum!

 1.  The Kampung chicken 馬来鸡 without the skin. Smashed the chicken meat with a mallet or the back of the chopper!

2.  Arrange the chicken pieces into the smaller pot with holes

3.  Some American Ginseng is  added for extra health benefits.   Add in the ginseng in between the chicken pieces and about 3 tbsp of water to the chicken.

4.  Fill the pot  with  almost 3 quarter full of water, the chicken is the  put in the smaller pot with holes cover with the procelin  lid and put into the bigger pocelin pot which will then hold the chicken essence dripping into the pot throgh the holes during cooking time. 


Hulala!  the pure chicken essence is ready to be served!

Enjoy and at the same time keep healthy!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snakehead with Black Beans Soup ~ Remedial Effects药膳生鱼黑豆汤

Herbal Soup with remedial effects!
The main ingredients of this herbal is  fresh water Snakehead fish, the most sought carnivorous predatory fish in Malaysai as it is wedely believed by Malaysian  to have remedial effects. It is said to be speed up the healing process after operation.

Snakehead fish in Bahasa Malaysia is called Ikan Haruan and in Chinese is  called 生鱼.


Snakehead fish about 1 kg  (clean and cut into big pieces)
300 gm black beans
20gms pak kei  北茋
30gms Tong sum 党心
6 -8  pcs of red dates
1 litre of water
few slices of ginger

  1. In a wok, dry fry the black beans till skins open up.  Keep aside.
  2. Boil water in a pot, add in the black beans, pak kei, tong sum and red dates
  3. Boil to the black beans till soft that take about 1 hour or so.
  4. Add in the fish and boil another 10 mins till fish is cooked.
  5. Add salt to taste.  Serve hot.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Japanese Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)

Have been absent for 2 months without any posting on my blog but seems nobody missed my food leh!  Sad!  But life goes on...........   
Had a great holiday at Jeju and Seoul, Korea for 8 days trip with my 2 girls from 23rd May to 1st June 2012.   Hope to upload the photos and details here in the near future!
After the fascinating Korea Trip immediately have to head to Gopeng Perak to register youngest daughter Tammie to her matriculation school for the next 52 weeks.   Tammie is not  physically  and mentally prepared for a brand new life ahead!  Bless her and wish her all the best in her future undertaking!  Mummy and Daddy love you!!

I am sharing here with you a Japanese Delight Okonomiyaki ((お好み焼き).  A Japanese pizza.  Okonomiyaki simply means 'what you like" whereby you can add any ingredients as you wish. 
 If you have a passion for food, you absolutely must try Okonomiyaki! 

A giant Okonomiyaki (8" the size of the bottom of my frying pan)
This no so nice  photo was taken using my outdated hand phone as my Nikon D3100 was still at the workshop    =(

 These ingredients are picked randomly  in my kitchen!  

The recipe got it from a book (made some amendments) belong to my friend Winnie Tan from Johore Bharu.
I am excited to share the joy of this wonderful  Okonomiyaki Recipe!


Some squids  (sliced)
 some cabbage ( I used purple cabbage)
4 crab stick (diced)
some spring onion or chives (cut into sections)
I add on my favorite basil leaves which is available in my fridge
 (You can add any ingredients of your liking with no restrictions and fixed amount

200 gm low protein flour
30gm custard powder
2 eggs
4 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt 
500 ml water or to adjust

For the sauce

5 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
4 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp potato flour
5g bonito flakes
100 ml water

To garnish

some mayonnaise, some shredded seaweeds and some  Bonito flakes


Mix the sauce ingredients together and bring to a boil set aside.
Sieve and combine the low protein flour and custard powder, add in other ingredients of okonomiyaki and mix well. Set aside.
Heat up a non stick frying pan at low heat, coat with a thin layer of oil.  Pour a few scoops of flour mixture of no. 2 into thin layer.  Add in the cabbage, crab stick and squids (which is pan fried earlier) Add in few more scoop of the flour mixture on top.
Fry both side till golden brown with medium heat.
Pour sauce of No. 1 over the okonomiyaki.  Garnish with seaweeds, mayonnaise and Bonito flakes.

Tadaaa......  The crispy on the outside and soft inside Okonomiyaki is ready to be served!  


The above recipe is just a guide line only.  You have your imagination and create your very own master piece of Japanese  Pancake or Pizza!  Have fun!!!!