Monday, June 25, 2012

Nutritious DIY Chicken Essence with Ginseng 泡参炖鸡汁

Glad to have some sporting Facebook friends to take  part in the small contest without prize during the weekend.   (~.*)    To my facebook friends, do look out on my wall for some mini contests every now and then to spice up our days!  Sometimes come with a small prize but most important is to have fun and interacting with everybody! \(^_^)/ 

Chicken essence have lots of nutritional value – the main one is the chicken essence acts as a tonic and rejuvenate our body. It is also known for improving mental alertness!
It not only helps to restore physical strength and strengthen bodily functions, but also replenishes body fluids lost through stress, illnesses or childbirth. It is beneficial for individuals experiencing fatigue, lack of sleep, general weakness caused by illnesses and poor post-delivery management.
 This pot is specially designed to double boil chicken essence and you add in enough water and double boil for 3 hours or so without adding in more water to the pot!  The water will not dry up in the pot as the cover are tightly cover without letting out steam and vapor.   Sound great, right?

The pot comes in 5 pcs  -  The pot with 2 handle, a cover,  1 taller pocelian, a smaller pocelian with holes at the bottom and sides and a pocelin lid.  (As show in the picture below)

 The chicken essence is sweet and with a taste of gingseng!  Mamamia!  Yum Yum!

 1.  The Kampung chicken 馬来鸡 without the skin. Smashed the chicken meat with a mallet or the back of the chopper!

2.  Arrange the chicken pieces into the smaller pot with holes

3.  Some American Ginseng is  added for extra health benefits.   Add in the ginseng in between the chicken pieces and about 3 tbsp of water to the chicken.

4.  Fill the pot  with  almost 3 quarter full of water, the chicken is the  put in the smaller pot with holes cover with the procelin  lid and put into the bigger pocelin pot which will then hold the chicken essence dripping into the pot throgh the holes during cooking time. 


Hulala!  the pure chicken essence is ready to be served!

Enjoy and at the same time keep healthy!!


  1. Hi, could I know where I can purchase the pot?


  2. Hi, Pauline, the pot is a gift from my brother in Singapore leh! BTW where r u staying?

  3. Hi Christine, I live in singapore. do you know where your brother got it?

    thanks for your help!

  4. Pauline, I was told he got it from some Indian shop at the Little India in Singapore!