Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Irresistible Unbaked Oreo Cheesecake

Youngest daughter always craving and prefer  an non bake cheesecake over baked cheesecake.  Since it  has been  quite a while that I did not prepare any cheesecake for her.  Taking the opportunity of the long weekend holiday with  Malaysia Day 16th September  falls on Sunday and son is coming home from Singapore for a short break. Armed  with a recipe I that  got it from a facebook friend Angel Tsp, sharing with you the irresistible sinful unbaked Oreo Cheesecake to tempt you!!
You may refer to another effort on  Unbaked Lemon Curd Cheesecake in my earlier post!

Who can resist to creamy smooth ice cream liked chilled Oreo Cheesecake??

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarawak Kachangma Chicken - Confinement Dish

This post is specially for Malaysia food Fest event. - Sarawak Food Fest -  September 2012.

Told a facebook friend Adeline Ong  from Kuching about this event, she immediately randomly name few of the dishes that are popular in Sarawak.  But I prefer something easy and simple.  She strongly recommend me this Kachangma Chicken that passed down by her late grandmother.  I believe most of us from Peninsula know little about these herbs.  Kachang ma in English is  motherwort.  You may take a look at the image of the   Kachangma .

 This dish was 'born' in my blog, practically er....... I was under some pressure to cook this dish, as the main ingredient,  said to be only can be found in Sarawak,  the kachangma was sent to be by post laju, further more with photo of Kachangma farm plus the original recipe from her grand mother.  How to said NO to prepare the dish??   Aiyo!  A BIG thank you to Adeline lo!    ^_^

 The authentic 'Hakka" dish that is served during confinement time for new mothers or for ladies have menstruation pain during their periods as clarified by a friend Wendy Gwen from Kuching.   Unlike the 'Pat Chan" 八珍  which is consumed after the menstruation period. 

Most Sarawakians will have their own version of cooking the kachangma.  Most are similar in nature.  The herbs can be found  in most wet markets, supermarkets and some in their own gardens. Please correct me if  the information on  the herbs are wrong.  

The dish was well accepted by my daughter and I le!  
But the comments I received from Sarawakian friends on my facebook posting  that it suppose to have a lot of soup, (I still have plenty of soup in the pot le!  ^_^ ) and I thought otherwise, that  explain why  my dish is a bit dry.   Hehehe..... My apology!