Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fried Fish with Chillies - Malaysian Food Fest - Negeri Sembilan 2013

With the remaining 2 days to end the month of January 2013.   Fried fish with chillies is  my 3rd post for the Malaysian food Fest Negeri Sembilan Month 2013.  

 Fried Silver Whiting with Chilles

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hakka Kolo Mee - MFF Negri Sembilan Jan 2013

Hakka Mee -  My number 2 dish  that I  submit for the Malaysian food Fest -  Negri Sembilan Month.

Hakka Mee is another popular hawker fare in Seremban.  The Hakka Mee stalls that I patron regularly are the stall on top of the Seremban Wet Market, another one is a shop lot across the road opposite the yellow bus stop. 

I used to ' ta pau' (buy to pack)  back to Kuala Lumpur for next day's meal.  I will request the owner not to cook the mee.     When I took them out from the fridge the next day,  there are big pieces of lard appeared in the minced pork with gravy.  It is the lard , I further confirm that they are using lard to prepare this famous Seremban delights.  This is to say, it is the lard that  make the dish so yummy lo... 

Preparing Hakka Mee is not that difficult with very minimum ingredients only.  Its simple and easy the different is with lard or without lard, the choice is yours.  I am not into it lo, but once in while is no harm considering it does give the extra  ummphs to the dish.   ^_^

Give Away Recipe Booklet on Cookies For CNY Celebration 2013

For this coming Chinese New Year 2013 -  Year of the Water Snake I am giving away 2 booklets of recipes on Cookies  -  
Bilingual -  English and Chinese

Updated on 27th January 2013.  So  sorry to all my friends, I have overlooked,  in fact I have 4 booklet to give away instead of 2.  U still can leave yr comments below to  claim a copy of the booklet.

Orange and Sultana Cookies
Easy Makmur Cookies
Matcha Snake Cookies
Flaky Pastry with Winter Melon and Osmanthus Filling
Roasted Chestnut Cookies
Lemon Orange Bar Cookies
Peanut Rools

The first 2 persons "comment" on this post in the box at the bottom of this post  will receive the booklet.  
This give away is within Malaysia only.

Thank you and Enjoy and have a BIG BANG for this Chinese New Year!   GongXi  GongXi!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yi Poh Lou Shu Fun - MFF - Negeri Sembilan

My 1st post for 2013 is about Malaysia food fest  being the Negeri Sembilan Food Fest for the month of January 2013.  
Taking this opportunity to with everyone a Prosperous and Happy New Year!  Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Happy all Year round~  

Spend my entire childhood in Seremban, my favorite food till now is the famous Yi Poh Lou Shu Fun now located in Temiang road, Seremban occupied  two shop lots.  Even I got married and move to Kuala Lumpur, and each time  'balik kumpung' (travel back to hometown)  will never miss this Seremban's specialties.

Sharing with you some childhood memories about this shop.   The present owner learnt the secret recipe from his grand aunty  ( that is his grand  mother's sister).  The grand aunty operated the store at a coffee  shop   located along Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail (old name is Jalan Templer) next to Caltex petrol station during 60s - 80s .    The Petrol station is still sitting at the same place, but the coffee shop had since been demolished.  And during that time, if you want to enjoy a bowl of this scrumtious hawker fare, you have to make sure u be there before 8.30am.  The food will be sold out latest by 9.00am during weekend.   Now with the new owner  operating  at Temiang area will start business early in the morning till late evening.  

Don't forget to add few dash of white pepper to enhance the Seremban Special Loh Shu Fun.