Monday, January 20, 2014

Savory Potato Chip Cookies 薯片曲奇

Dear all, how about baking savory cookies for this Chinese New Year?  I bet you will love this cookies, and will definitely will not stop at one! 

This is a really yummy savory cookies. My family and friends just love it so much.
1 portion of the recipe can make about 1 tin of plastic container measuring 14.5cm height and 11.5cm diameter with extra few pieces.When I shopped for the ingredients in the bakery shop, and noticed that the smallest packet of cheese powder is 500gms whereas the the amount needed for the cookies is only 20gm.  I don't have to make so many containers.  I   had some left over shredded cheese in the fridge which I can make use of that. Emmm....... The moral of the story is we don't have to follow the recipe 100%, we can do our own adjustment to suit us ; we can always substitute with other ingredients which are available in our own kitchen. I always reduce quite a lot on the amount of sugar in all recipes, this is why I prefer home-made rather to buy outside which are too sweet for my family.

This is one of the 3Rs - we should practice everyday - REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE! 

Sour cream potatoes chips, walnuts, butter and shredded cheese.  This butter weigh 227 gms only

Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips and chopped walnuts

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crunchy German Crunch with Chocolate Rice 德国酥饼

This is my third year baking these German Crunch cookies for Chinese New Year.  But the post only manage to surface this year.  Why?  To support blogger friend Lena  of Frozen Wings for her event on CNY cookies -  January 2014 lor!  Lame excuse!  hehe....   The most important it did made it to my lazymama's blog!  ^_^    The recipe for Melt in the mouth German Crunch  with added chocolate rice is here to stay!  
My previous German Crunch are one with original flavors and another one with coffee flavors.