Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unlimited Creation of Tau Fu Fah 多姿多彩豆腐花

Entering to the new era of Tau Fu Fah with mix and match and unlimited creation to your own liking and creation!


Melting Chocolate, chocolate chips with Super soft and smooth Tau Fu Fah  -  Those who love chocolate and Tau fu Fah will definitely for in love with these combination!

Cincau with Tau Fu Fah  -  Its best to eat it cold, with or without sugar -  Combination of chewy cincau and soft and smooth Tau Fu Fah 

Gula Melaka  still the choice of many Tau Fu Fah's lovers

Tau Fu Fah with mangoes  -  Its refreshing and hard to resist!

Nescafe with Tau fu Fah -  It is classical!   Anyone?

My orignal Tau fu Fah recipe is here

Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Photo Competition October 2011

Yes I did it!  This is one of the many photos that I submitted for a Food Photo Competition and won the grand prize! There are supposed to be 5 grand prize of  USD100 Cash voucher to shop at Magic Pantry shop nearest to our location.  Some how the result of the contest had 3 grand prizes was chosen by the judges from Day Day Cook!

I chanced upon a facebook page Day Day Cook, Hong Kong.  They teamed with Magic Pantry and organized a

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spicy Anchovies and Sausages 香辣金银

The dish goes best with rice, porridge, fried mee hoon or fried noodle!  
Adapted from Chef  Margaret Cheng for the simplest recipe!  I made some alteration from the  original recipe where  only using  anchovies  with the chillies.  I have make some amendm

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aromatic Garlic Fried Rice and Lemongrass Pork Chop

 Fusion  -   Simple fried Rice to go with Lemongrass Pork chop. Does it look like a dish in Restaurants??

When I posted this photo on my facebook, very happy that I had received many positive comments!  Thank you for all the supports and encouragements!    

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smooth and Flaky Egg Tarts

The tarts are soft, smooth and moist, the crust is flaky and crunchy  Yummm......

My tart moulds are quite small, that make me egg tarts quite small.  2 bites the egg tart is gone!

I have made egg tarts before using recipe from books.  Its turns out nice and delicious too.
A recent  charity cooking demonstration by Chef Margarent Cheng at Spastic Centre, Petaling Jaya on egg tarts again.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Food Adventures - Restoran Makanan Laut Yi Chum 漁村海鲜樓

 This looks so tempting, but it was on our table less than 5 mins and  it was gone, cause the waiter said is not for us, it for another table.
Somehow later they discover that the Steamed Fish head was indeed that we ordered.   XX##@@@#$%^&*()_+_;*()

Fried Meehoon with Bitter Gourd -  Nice!  I like it!

Fried Meehoon with Seafood

 Slipper Lobster -  Deep fried and cook with chilli padi &  

This is the don't know what name lobster, will find out the name later with my brother, this is real yummy!  Everyone have 1 lobster each!  Hmmmm.....nice!  Fresh!

Slipper Lobster -  Hmmm.... Fresh and yummy!
 Spicy Baby shark meat -  It was cooked with curry powder 
This is to replacement of the Steamed Fish
Find out more on this  Slipper Lobster  on Wikipedia

My brother's family and my family all together 7 of us went for sea food in Klang recently. A hearty food adventures! Overall the food is nice!  

Very disappointed was we only managed to snap photo of the Steamed 'Loong Tun'  Fish head, but no chance to enjoy it!     ~~!!@@##$%%^^&&**(()_)_