Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Photo Competition October 2011

Yes I did it!  This is one of the many photos that I submitted for a Food Photo Competition and won the grand prize! There are supposed to be 5 grand prize of  USD100 Cash voucher to shop at Magic Pantry shop nearest to our location.  Some how the result of the contest had 3 grand prizes was chosen by the judges from Day Day Cook!

I chanced upon a facebook page Day Day Cook, Hong Kong.  They teamed with Magic Pantry and organized a
Food Photos competition.  And is open to all the fans of  Day Day Cook with more than 50,000 fans from Asia countries like   Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Vitnam, Malaysia and.....   Out of pretext of trying my luck, I submitted about 20 plus photos for the contest.  Initially, having lots of problem send the photos by email.   Many attempts  to send  emails were returned marked 'failure mails" and have to resend again and again, and almost gave up.  Found out the reason being the receiver's  (Day Day Cook) mail box was overload with  mails) But with determination, manage to send out the photos!
Hulala!  Mamamia!  So here I  am, won with the photo "Asam Prawns'!  USD100 is not big sum of money,  it is satisfaction that matters!    They will published my Asam Prawns on the facebook page!   You may find the recipe of   Asam Prawns here

My another 2 photos was chosen to appeared on the facebook page, one is Pumpkin Chiffon Cake and Golden  Pumpkin!  That inspires  and gave me strength to take a bold step to march on and share my knowledge on baking and cooking with everybody!  Thank you, friends!

 Pumpkin Chiffon Cake (original recipe from Christine's Recipes)   Refer details here

Golden Pumpkin.  For recipe click here


  1. A BIG Congratulations to you! All the dishes look awesome, 卖相很赞哦!

  2. Ann, Thank you! Still lots more to learn, in fact you are one of my mentor on baking and photography!

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  4. Dave,

    TQ for yr compliments and encouragement! its really make my day! Will definitely looking forward to post some of my recipes/photos onto yr site!