Saturday, October 1, 2011

Food Adventures - Restoran Makanan Laut Yi Chum 漁村海鲜樓

 This looks so tempting, but it was on our table less than 5 mins and  it was gone, cause the waiter said is not for us, it for another table.
Somehow later they discover that the Steamed Fish head was indeed that we ordered.   XX##@@@#$%^&*()_+_;*()

Fried Meehoon with Bitter Gourd -  Nice!  I like it!

Fried Meehoon with Seafood

 Slipper Lobster -  Deep fried and cook with chilli padi &  

This is the don't know what name lobster, will find out the name later with my brother, this is real yummy!  Everyone have 1 lobster each!  Hmmmm.....nice!  Fresh!

Slipper Lobster -  Hmmm.... Fresh and yummy!
 Spicy Baby shark meat -  It was cooked with curry powder 
This is to replacement of the Steamed Fish
Find out more on this  Slipper Lobster  on Wikipedia

My brother's family and my family all together 7 of us went for sea food in Klang recently. A hearty food adventures! Overall the food is nice!  

Very disappointed was we only managed to snap photo of the Steamed 'Loong Tun'  Fish head, but no chance to enjoy it!     ~~!!@@##$%%^^&&**(()_)_

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