Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthy Tomatoes Eggy Soup 番茄蛋花汤

Soup is almost a must in my family  daily meal during dinner time.  When I don't prepare any soup for the day.  My daughter will sure  make herself  a bowl of Marmite soup  or Campbell's mushroom soup, otherwise according to her  the meal is not complete!!  Spoiled Child hoh!?

Tomatoes Eggy Soup is a simple and healthy soup to prepare!

What you need-

Sliced meat (marinade with fish sauce, a bit of sugar, and cornflour)
2- 3 tomatoes - quartered
1 egg - slightly beaten with pepper and a pitch a salt 
some chopped spring for garnishing


Boil some water in a pot, add in the meat and boil again, add in tomatoes and continue to boil a short while. lastly add in the beaten egg.  Off the fire,  wait  for a minute then stir the egg slightly to have  the 蛋花effect, serve hot!

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