Friday, September 2, 2011

Giant Birthday Present

Tammie is super happy to receive such a huge Teddy Bear as Birthday present from her friends, knowing very well that I will never buy such a present to her. I call it dust collector.
Anyway Tammie my youngest daughter was born 17years ago on 30th August, She is a Cesarian baby, 30th August is chosen over 31st August which is Malaysia's Merdaka day, is simply because in chinese calender 30th August is a better day. Otherwise, her birthday is a public holiday and will be celebrate with the whole nation! whee......

She is hugging the Teddy bear in and out, day and night! Anyway mummy and daddy, kor kor and jie jie ' smurf' you very much. Best wishes and good luck to your coming SPM examination!

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