Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ambra Fruit Juice With Dried Sour Plum 沙梨果汁

 Ambra fruit is call kedongdong in Bahasa Malaysia.   Some with seed and some without seed. 

Quench your thirst on a hot sunny day. The ambra fruit is simply full of vitamins and is one of the most popular drink   It is very addictive too …. one will never be enough.

Take a few ambra  and blend it with some drinking water. (You can smell a raw taste ). Strain and pour into a glass. Put some  honey or syrup (sweety taste, cause buah kedongdong juice is quite sour).  Drop one sweet sour dried plum (Malay called as Asam, Chinese called as sui- boey) into the drink. It could make this drink more flavor. Then add in some ice cubes.  A very refreshing Ambra  juice with Dried Sour Plum is  ready  to be serve.

I prefer to drink the ambra juice with the dried sour plum without adding any syrup, but some lemon juice!  How about you?

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