Monday, September 12, 2011

Aromatic Baked Chicken Wings


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A very simple and hassle free finger linkin' good chicken wings.  An ideal menu for any  BBQ Party!   A yummy and yet healthy dish with less oil for  the whole family to enjoy!  

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10  chicken wings

2 tsp of  Premium aromatic spice (I prefer less salty food, you may add a bit more to suit  you)
2 tbsp Chinese Shao Shin Wine (for muslim friends  you may substitute with Oyster sauce)
2 tbsp honey
2 tsp of chilli powder (optional - to give that extra 'kick'  ^_^)
1tsp of dark soy sauce for coloring 

Just simply marinate the chicken wings with the marinate overnight.  Bake in preheat oven till golden brown and done. 


  1. Ideal for BBQ party, easy, simple, fast and most important is yummy.
  2. If you prefer deep fried over bake/BBQ, just coat the marinaded chicken wings  with flour and deep fry  in not too hot oil.

 Oh ya! One more  important thing is please write some comments either good or bad to let  me know whether you like or dislike my recipes, Thank you in advance!^_^

Have Fun with Easy Cooking!!

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