Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irresistible Coffee Ogura Cake Tempations #3 咖啡相思蛋糕 - MFF Johore month '13

You bake, She bake, everybody is baking this cake as it is  a big hit  recently    among many  Chinese bloggers  and even in the circle of facebook friends and groups.   With too many posting everywhere, really confused and mixed up  who is the actual person who  share this fantastic recipe. Any way a BIG thank you to  her (She is Jasmine Ang, Right?)
The recipe shared  is in Chinese.  I translated it into English for benefit to all other baking enthusiasts

Came to know that  there is a famous  cake shop with 5 outlets  selling  Ogura cakes  in Batu Pahat, Johore  with Pandan, original, coffee and chocolate flavors. 

 This is my 3nd  Coffee Ogura Cake  咖啡相思蛋糕 (1st is a plain coffee flavored cake, 2nd with zebra patten and this 3rd cake with butter cream) and the Green Tea Ogura Cake , Pandan Ogura Cake  that I'd  posted onto my blogWhereas, the Cheese Ogura cake  and bamboo charcoal are yet to make the appearance here.  Hoping to improve further with more baking practice! 

The main reason that I baked this Ogura Cake again is to join the event of Malaysia Food Fest for the month of Johore ~ March 2013.  The cake must sandwiched with  butter cream as  one of the term and condition.  But all my previous bake are without those fattening butter cream woh...   That's explain my all new   Irresistible Coffee Ogura Cake Tempations is born lo.  ^_^

Here,  I am sincerely apologize for the presentation and the photography skills are not up to marks.  Food blogging and photography and presentation of end products are very close relationship.  I am having tough time and still trying very hard  to fulfill these  3 elements  in my blogging journey.  =(
The only consolation is the end products taste superb.  Its moist, cotton soft, the texture is springy  and more healthy.   

     The cake looks a bit messy tim!    Sorry!  The photo was picked so reluctantly!  And yet the cake was gone in no time!!!    LOL

 Without  a cake cutter/slicer,  this is  how I slice my cake into half!!  ^_^

Spread generously a layer of butter cream to sandwich the cake

 The butter cream is ready to use.

The Steam Bake method ~  A tray filled with water is placed on the bottom rack!

The cake is all set  to get out of the 'sauna'!

Ingredients A
Corn oil  65gm
Milk 80 ml
1/4 tsp salt
100 gm Egg yolk  (about  6 Egg Grade A yolk = 108gm)
1 egg
65gm Superfine flour
1tsp Nescafe  + 1tbsp hot water
Few drops of coffee emulco

Ingredients B

200gm  egg white  (about 6 grade A white ± 220 gm)
75gm caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method A
  1. Beat egg yolk, whole egg, corn oil, Nescafe,  milk and salt till foamy.
  2. Mix in flour and coffee slowly till well blended.  Keep aside.
Method B
  1. Beat egg white till foamy add in cream of tartar and sugar, continue beating until soft peak formed or meringue (the egg white mixture) will not drop when over turn the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix 1/3 of  of the meringue  into the egg yolk batter slowing  till well  combined.
  3. Add  in  all the above into the meringue and fold in till well blended.  Mix  in coffee emulco. 
  4. Pour in a 9" cake pan and  using steam bake (refer below)  method and bake  for 45 mins at 170°C
  5. Over turn the cake to cool.                       
Friendly tips to share

I have notice there is some confusion on the baking method on this popularly cake.  I decided to share my knowledge on the difference between the baking method on  'water bath' and steam bake.

Water Bath (also know as Bain Marie ) -  Place  the baking pan with cake batter in a tray filled with hot water and bake in the oven till the cake is done.

Steam Bake  -  Place the  cake pan on the middle wire rack  of the oven, place another tray fill with water at the bottom rack of the oven.  This method  prevent the cake from  cracking  when the cake is done.

As for the butter cream

200gms of butter at room temperature
200grms of icing sugar 
pinch of salt
2 tbsp of milk
few drop of vanilla extract
zest of lemon (optional)

Beat the butter till light add in the icing sugar slowing and mix well.  Add in salt, milk vanilla and blend thoroughly , last add in the lemon zest. 

"I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest, Johor Month hosted by Annie of Annielicious Food"


  1. very nice! Don't know why my cake shrank a lot!

  2. Jeannie, Thanks! Pse take note to keep away the egg yolk batter from any fan or direct wind blowing while beating the egg white. Hope this will help and take note the method is steam bake not water bath baking method.

  3. Hello! Was wondering if I can use rice bran oil / other vege oil instead of corn oil? Thanks!

    1. Pshing, Should be ok! I do used olive oil instead of corn oil, the cake turn out well too!

    2. Thanks christine!! I'm going to try baking it tomorrow! :)

  4. Pshing, glad be able to assist, any chance to see yr end product? hehe...

  5. I halved the ingredients and make a smaller cake using grapeseed oil. Looks goods and I am glad to visit your blog! Thanks

  6. I don know y the inside is not cooked., :(

    1. Hi dewdrops, my apology for the late reply. Check yr oven door is properly close and adjust the temperature of yr oven, every oven varies, using aluminium foil to cover the cake says after 15-20 mins after baking.

  7. Will there be a difference in the cake using the two different baking method - steam baked and water bath baked?

  8. May I know why there is one more egg in this recipe as compared to the pandan ogura cake which was posted 6 months later ?

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