Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pandan Ogura Cake 斑兰相思蛋糕 #4

 Ogura Cake Series continues ........
Madly and hopeless fall in Love with Ogura Cake.  A small amount of corn oil is used, it make the cake more healthy, and the texture is cotton soft, fluffy, springy to the touch, super moist.....  Ahhhh.....  Just love it.  I bet you will love it too...   hehe....

Did make an effect to swirl some patten on my cake but did not turn out as expected!  What you see now is the cake has been cut and trimmed.  

 This is how the cake look like before I sliced off the top part for better photo shooting!  LOL

Ingredients A
Corn oil  65gm
Milk 80 ml
1/4 tsp salt
5  Egg yolk
1 egg
65gm Superfine flour
20gm of Pandan juice

Ingredients B

5  egg white
75gm caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method A
  1. Beat egg yolk, whole egg, corn oil, milk and salt till foamy.
  2. Mix in flour  slowly till well blended.  Mix in the pandan juice till well  incorporated. Keep aside.
Method B
  1. Beat egg white till foamy add in cream of tatar  then add in  sugar in 2 batches,  continue beating until soft peak is formed or the egg white will not drop when over turn the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix 1/3 of  of the meringue  into the egg yolk batter slowing  till well  combined.
  3. Add  in  all the above into the meringue and fold in till well blended
  4. Pour in a 9" cake pan and  using steam bake  method    bake  for 45 mins at 170°C
  5. Over turn the cake to cool.                                 

More of  the Ogura Cakes with different to be coming to yr way!  Stay tuned all my baking Kaki (friends)....


  1. Hi Christine, I've been baking this cake [called them cottony cakes] with many flavours, but not the pandan flavour yet. Must try this flavour. Nice colour and sure fragrant. BTW is there coffee used for this cake?

  2. Hi Kimmy, no coffee is used in this cake instead add in 20 gm of pandan juice! Happy baking! donts forget to share yr photos too! hehe....

    1. Hi Christine, think there is a typo error in the egg yolk method part where coffee was mentioned. Yes, I'll be baking this cake for a gathering this weekend. For my bakes, I used the 5+1 egg quantity.

  3. Oooops! Thank you Kimmy! Its the typo error!

  4. Hi Christine,May i know how long does this cake can be store?Thanks You

    1. Hi, Chriztine, the cake can keep in the fridge up 7 days, but it is so soft and light, within 2 days the cake is gone! LOL! Best to consume soonest!

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