Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pandan Ogura Cake 2 斑兰相思蛋糕 #7 - MFF Johore Month

Pandan Ogura Cake strikes back with too generous butter cream  to tempt you.  I have bake this cake on my earlier post but without  butter cream to sandwich the cake. 

  Pandan Ogura Cake with  butter cream


I personally prefer the cake without butter cream.  The purpose to sandwich the cake with butter cream is the requirement by Malaysian Food Fest to meet the Family Pastry Shop Batu Pahat version.
Whole house is filled with the aroma of Pandan when the baking in process!

I am taking one step further  to share with you  on the preparation for pandan juice.

 1 bundle of Pandan leaves clean and cut into pces.
Blend the pandan leaves with 150 ml of clean drinking water

 Keep the blended pandan juice in the fridge overnight.

The pure pandan juice is resides at the bottom of the container, discard the top layer, and keep the residue 

 The pure pandan juice is ready to use

The recipe 

 Ingredients A

Corn oil  65gm
Milk 80 ml
1/4 tsp salt
5  Egg yolk
1 egg
65gm Superfine flour
20gm of Pandan juice

Ingredients B

5  egg white
75gm caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method A
  1. Beat egg yolk, whole egg, corn oil, milk and salt till foamy.
  2. Mix in flour  slowly till well blended.  Mix in the pandan juice till well  incorporated. Keep aside.
Method B
  1. Beat egg white till foamy add in  cream of tatar, then add in sugar in 2 batches, continue beating until soft peak is formed or the egg white will not drop when over turn the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix 1/3 of  of the meringue  into the egg yolk batter slowing  till well  combined.
  3. Add  in  all the above into the meringue and fold in till well blended 
  4. Pour in a 9" cake pan and  using steam bake  method (please refer here on the baking method ) and bake  for 45 mins at 170°C
  5. Over turn the cake to cool.                           

As for the butter cream

200gms of butter at room temperature
200grms of icing sugar  or to adjust
pinch of salt
2 tbsp of milk
few drop of vanilla extract
zest of lemon (optional)

Beat the butter till light add in the icing sugar slowing and mix well.  Add in salt, milk vanilla and blend thoroughly , last add in the lemon zest.

"I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest, Johor Month hosted by Annie of Annielicious Food"


  1. Hello Christine, I tried your previous 2 recipes, they turned out nice. But for my oven I need to bake for 50-55 minutes @ 170C. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kimmy, Glad that yr cake turned out nice. TQ for dropping by and left yr foot print to light up my normally quiet blog. ^_^ Keep on trying other flavours for these irreisistable Ogura cake, lets acacia 2gether!

  3. Hi Christine, forgot to mention, my cake cracks a little here and there. Yours is so smooth, any idea what's the reason for the cracks? I'll visit you often cos' we share the same passion - Ogura cakes.

  4. Kimmy, could it be over- baked as mentioned u need to bake up to 55 mins in yr oven as we know different oven has diff character. As for me, luckily so far no crack appear on my ogura cakes lo.... finger crossed! ^_^

  5. Kimmy, I hv notice that many mistaken steam bake and water bath is the same method used. In actual fact they are not. Steam bake can help to prevent cake from cracking and dont have to worry the cake is not fully done. You may refer the method from my Ogura coffee cake post! Hope this will help you! Cheers!

  6. Can I steam the cake? I don't have an oven.: (

    1. Hi Melissa, I think u can although I hv not try, but cover it with foil to prevent vapor get into the cake! Happy trying! TQ !

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