Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unlimited Creation of Tau Fu Fah 多姿多彩豆腐花

Entering to the new era of Tau Fu Fah with mix and match and unlimited creation to your own liking and creation!


Melting Chocolate, chocolate chips with Super soft and smooth Tau Fu Fah  -  Those who love chocolate and Tau fu Fah will definitely for in love with these combination!

Cincau with Tau Fu Fah  -  Its best to eat it cold, with or without sugar -  Combination of chewy cincau and soft and smooth Tau Fu Fah 

Gula Melaka  still the choice of many Tau Fu Fah's lovers

Tau Fu Fah with mangoes  -  Its refreshing and hard to resist!

Nescafe with Tau fu Fah -  It is classical!   Anyone?

My orignal Tau fu Fah recipe is here

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