Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Healty Nutrition Starfruit Enzymes 杨桃酵素

 Original recipe adapted from Active Vegetable and Fruit Enzymes 2

1 kg green starfruit
500 red crystal sugar


  1. Rinse starfruit and cut it into strips.  Soak it into salty water for 30 minutes.  Pour the salty water out and rinse it with salty water twice to remove the bitter taste.
  2. Place half o f the red crystal sugar (250g) and starfruit into a bottle, stir evenly.  Cover the cap 9do no twist tightly) and ferment for 3 days.
  3. Add in another half of red crystal sugar and store for 1 month.  Filter and ready to serve.

Nutrition tips

Starfruit is cooling in nature.  it has diuretic effect, helps to relieve thirst and phlegm.  It has a significant effect in lowering blood pressure and expelling heat.

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