Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Korean Japchae (Stir Fried Korean Glass Noodle with Mix Veges 韩国冬粉炒杂菜

A Hearty Healthy 1 dish meal

Korean Glass Noodles available in local major hypermarket

Korean Japchae (Stir fried Korean Glass Noodles with vegetables) is a dish served during traditional Koreean festivities.. The fibrous textures of the glass noodles with the crispy vegetables are a pleasing combination that will entice you. When Japchae is served with Bulgogi (Marinated/Barbecued Beef) it makes for a hearty meal. The colors of the dish are very pleasant to the eyes.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank you Korea Tourism Organization, Kuala Lumpur for conducting cooking demo for us to get to understanding and know more about Korean cuisine. Thank you!

They do not hand out any recipes on the dishes of the days. Their main purpose is to introduce Korean cuisine to Malaysia. So I am preparing this dish from the tips and methods introduced to the participants verbally. Armed with this tips my end products turned out to be superb! The plate of Japchae was empty in no time!


1/2 packets Korean glass Noodles (forgot to check the weight of 1 packet) ^_^
100 grms beef (I used left over home made BBQ pork - char siew which I used for fried rice)
3 -4 chinese mushrooms (soak and sliced)
1 big onion - sliced
1 bundle of  Spinach or Poh Choy 菠菜  ( cut, wash boil and squeeze out the water, set aside)
1 Bell pepper - sliced
1 small carrot - shrreded
2 eggs ( beaten with some fish sauce and pepper make into omelet - sliced)
some fried sesame seeds
1 tnsp of minced garlic


Soy sauce, sugar, salt pepper sesame oil and vegetable oil - all to adjust


  1. Follow the instruction from the packing to cook the Korean glass noodles. Set aside.
  2. Heat wok with vegetable oil and sesame oil, saute the sliced onion and garlic till lightly brown.
  3. Add in the beef , mushrooms, carrot, bell pepper and continue to fry for a while.
  4. Add in the glass noodle, the spinach  and the seasoning and mix well. If it is too dry add some water.
  5. Fry and mix all till done! Dish out garnish with shredded ommelte, toasted sesame seeds and served.

Happy Cooking and Enjoy!


  1. hi, may i knw which hypermarket got sell korean glass noodle? thanks...

  2. Hi Melanie, u can get the Korean glass noodle at Jusco Supermarket (new name of Aeon Supermarket if u are from Malaysia! ^_^

    1. thanks Christine for the prompt reply. yes, im from Malaysia. i went to Jusco and Giant also cant get it, is it they put it together with all those maggi mee and mee section? or another corner? thanks...

    2. Melanie, these korean noodles can be found together with those Korean and Japanese groceries section at Jusco supermarket lo..... Hope this time u will find it and Happy cooking!

  3. I can't find the Korean glass noodles too! Been going around Aeon, Tesco Giant and even cold storage! All other ingredient are ready but left Korean glass noodles.

  4. Hi Eevann, But each time I go Aeon Supermarket, there are many korean noodle on shelves. Try Aeon Supermarket at Mid Valley or Taman Maluri!

  5. Very tasty food, cheap and easy to get, culinary
    Korea the mom is really good
    thank you article