Monday, November 28, 2011

Sushi Bread 寿司面包

Easy Sushi Bread Rolls for breakfast, snack, Bento, teabreak. finger food for party and all occasions!
Step 1 -  Bread, Sushi Sheets, cucumber, any type of sausages, crab stick, Korean pickles and etc etc
 Step 2 - Flatten the bread with rolling pin and place onto a piece of sushi sheet
Step 3 - Spread the bread with butter, mayonnaise, chilli sauce or any spread of your preference
Step 4 -   Arrange sausages, cucumber, pickles, chicken floss onto the bread. 
Step 5.  You may omit chili sauce for  children

Step 6 -  Roll up the sushi bread and seal the edge with some water

A sushi Bread are ready to be served all young and adult and even young at heart to enjoy!

Special thanks to FB friend Lie Yin Kuan for the inspiration of this recipe!  

The sushi bread rolls are packed as Bento for daughter Pearly to bring to office

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