Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Cups Chicken (Taiwanese Style) 三杯鸡

 3 cups chicken, a Taiwan signature dish.  This dish requires three main ingredients,  Chinese cooking wine, soy sauce and sesame oil in the ratio of  1:1:1 .  With plenty of basil leaves and ginger, add some dried chili to localize the dish to make chicken dish a heavenly spicy  meal!  Most children do not like the smell of the basil,  so you may dish out some cooked chicken meat  for the children to enjoy before you add the basil for other to enjoy!

I chanced upon this cooking demo on 3  cups chicken at an exhibition at KLCC sometimes last year.  There were no recipe  given to us.  Just scribbled the recipe on my note pad.  The 1st time I cooked this dish, I followed the  amount on ingredients that turned out too oily! Yuck!  Later I make  alternations to suit my style of cooking  You may do so  to suit you.  There are no fix formula on cooking to follow its all depends on one own creation and imagination!  As for me are all agak agak (estimation),  how about you?


4  whole chicken drumstick ( or 1 whole chicken) -  Chopped into bite size)
1/4 cup cooking oil ( I omitted)
1 cup sesame oily  ( I used about 4 tbsp only)
1/4 cup sugar ( I used about 1 tbsp)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 cup of cooking wine ( I used yellow wine黄酒 )  rice wine 米酒 is recommended too
1 clove of garlic (skinned and do not mined use the whole piece
few pcs of dry chilli (washed) - optional
few slices of ginger
1 bundle of basil leaves 九层塔叶
1 tsp of dark sauce

  1. Heat the wok with a bit of cooking oil, saute the ginger and garlic pieces a while add the sesame oil (I do this is bcoz the sesame oil will burned when cook to long) .  Add in the dry chillies and fried till aromatic
  2. Add in the chicken, stir fry a while, add in the soy sauce, sugar and dark soy sauce.  Continue to cook the chicken till almost 80% cook.  
  3. Add in the cooking wine (I always add in cooking wine last to avoid evaporation of the wine)
  4. Lastly add in the basil leaves and mix well.  Dish out and serve hot!


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