Friday, November 11, 2011

Prize won on Food Photo Competition 2011

Gift voucher of RM300 for shopping spree at Pantry Magic, Kuala Lumpur!  Whee.....

 The USD100 converted to RM300/- was the cash voucher that I won for a Food Photos Competition jointly organized by Day Day Cook, Hong Kong and Pantry Magic recently.  Armed with the voucher,  head straight to the Pantry Magic, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, and pampered myself with  new and useful kitchen gadgets.   Pantry Magic are selling all imported  and quality kitchen tools! 

These  are the new kitchen gadgets added to be part of our family members - 

4 ramekins
s/s silicone handle head tongs
Oval Baking dish
4 L clear flip-top canning jar
12" Non stick removable Pie Dish
Stainless steel 3 side tower small grater

Items sold in Pantry Magic are life long warranty!