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Yi Poh Lou Shu Fun - MFF - Negeri Sembilan

My 1st post for 2013 is about Malaysia food fest  being the Negeri Sembilan Food Fest for the month of January 2013.  
Taking this opportunity to with everyone a Prosperous and Happy New Year!  Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Happy all Year round~  

Spend my entire childhood in Seremban, my favorite food till now is the famous Yi Poh Lou Shu Fun now located in Temiang road, Seremban occupied  two shop lots.  Even I got married and move to Kuala Lumpur, and each time  'balik kumpung' (travel back to hometown)  will never miss this Seremban's specialties.

Sharing with you some childhood memories about this shop.   The present owner learnt the secret recipe from his grand aunty  ( that is his grand  mother's sister).  The grand aunty operated the store at a coffee  shop   located along Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail (old name is Jalan Templer) next to Caltex petrol station during 60s - 80s .    The Petrol station is still sitting at the same place, but the coffee shop had since been demolished.  And during that time, if you want to enjoy a bowl of this scrumtious hawker fare, you have to make sure u be there before 8.30am.  The food will be sold out latest by 9.00am during weekend.   Now with the new owner  operating  at Temiang area will start business early in the morning till late evening.  

Don't forget to add few dash of white pepper to enhance the Seremban Special Loh Shu Fun.

What so special about it?  As for my personal judgement are  -

~  The noodles, some call it pin noodles,  it is longer and the texture are more springy and chewy       compare to other type of pin noodles which are shorter, fatter and not so chewy. 

Sharing with you some information on the Seremban  Loh Shu Fun.  You  may buy  these noodle  directly from the  manufacture outlet located at  Jalan Limbok, Seremban which is a stone throw away from the restaurant.     They are  selling either  whole sale or retail.   Person to contact -  Choy  012-2735498 for further details. 

~  The chillies -  The chillies goes perfectly well with the noodles.  I was told it took hours to               prepare  this condiments.  It seems now the owner make some adjustment on the recipe and shorter the preparation of the chillies.

~  The soup -  The soup with very strong pepper taste, but I feel it is a bit too salty lo...  

The above is just my personal views for your easy reference only.


 The Chillies  ~  The perfect match with the Loh Shu Fun -  The  Restoran Yi Poh Loh Shu Fun do sell  the chillies separately.

These Loh Shu fun look like the 'lai fun'  noodle  for asam laksa, but is totally different taste and texture. 

The silky shining tangy Loh Shu fun from Seremban.  You can buy this noodle from the manufacture outlet at Jalan Limbok, 70200 Seremban. 

 The minced pork to goes with the Loh Shu Fun

Seremban Yi Poh Loh Shu Fun ~  The Lazymama Style


300 gm of Pin noodles ( Loh shu fun)

200 gm of minced pork
Some   sliced BBQ pork  -  char siew  (buy ready made or  you prefer make your own   char siew ~
Shallot oil  ( fry some chopped shallot with oil,  and retained the oil)
some chopped spring onion
some minced garlic
some sesame oil
Seasonings   ~  salt, oyster sauce, fish  sauce  to taste.
2 tbsp of shao shing wine

The way to do it the lazymama style ~

  1. Season the minced pork with fish sauce, a bit of sugar and cornflour and set aside for 1/2 hr or so.
  2. Heat wok with some oil saute the minced garlic add in the minced pork and stir fry a while.
  3. Add in the seasoning and some sesame oil and some water.
  4. When the pork is almost done add in the shao shine wine dish out and set aside.
  5. Blanch the pin noodles in a pot of hot water and put in the serving bowl.
  6. Add in shallot oil, black soy sauce,  minced pork, char siew and garnished with spring onion and some white pepper and fried shallots (optional).  
  7. Serve hot with chillies  of course.   

I am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Fest ,Negeri Sembilan month,
Host by Hody Loh of Cook 4 you


  1. Christine, I have not been to NS and if I do get a chance I will sure look for the shop and try the noodles. It sure looks delicious as I love noodles with minced pork. Any idea how they prepare the chilli condiment?

  2. Phong Hong, TQ for dropping by, dont miss out these loh shu fun when u happen to be in Seremban. The chilli condiment is their secret recipe and dont think they will to share the recipe, seems its the dry chillies has to cook for few hours le......

  3. Kelly, TQ dear, the looks is enough to tempt you leh!!?? ^_^