Friday, June 29, 2012

Malaysian Delights - Rendang Ayam 冷當鸡

Eeeeee......Errr.......Hmmmm........  Really having a big problem on how am I going to write this recipe on this Malaysia famous cuisine -  Rendang Ayam!  I would not  like to claim credit  on the preparation of this  authentic dish of Chicken Rendang  which is suppose to be time consuming with lot of  tedious chore - peeling, pounding, preparing of the Kerisik and so and so on............ But the finish product of the dish is worth the effort  with everyone enjoy the dish with  extra cooked rice.  (Tambah Nasi)   ^_^
I took the short cut to serve  this unresistantable drooling  dish on the dinning table. 

 Practical everyone is drooling in front of the screen when I posted this photo on my facebook!
How about you?      Wooooohhhuuu.........

As for me,  I enjoyed watching hubby enjoy the dish.  It is really finger linkin' gooooood..........

CONFESSION   -  I just bought a packet of Rendang paste and follow the instruction, and the scrumptious Chicken is born.   In addition I add on few stalk of smached lemon grass (serai), if you have the daun limau purut to add on 'lagi' best!  But I omitted the " Kerisik".  Kerisik is made from  grated coconut  toast  in a dry pan over low heat. Stir constantly until the coconut becomes golden brown,  pound the toasted coconut while it still hot till oil appeared.

 Ready to cook Rendang paste.   Do not under estimate this packet of rendang paste, it really do wonders leh!  At the same times minus all the messy chores in the kitchen.  I enjoyed it,  hope you and your family will enjoy it too!       Wheeee..................

At the same times don't forget to try my another  spicy chicken dish  Tumeric Chicken   黄姜鸡 which is a hit too leh!

You may leave your comments in Chinese or English for me to improve my cooking !  TQ! 

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