Monday, March 21, 2011

Tumeric Chicken 黄姜鸡

Whenever this dish is served on dining table, make sure to cook extra rice - this apply to my family. Do you think you will do the same, hehe.... let's see. Enjoy the dish.


1 chicken (Chopped into pieces)
salt to taste
sugar to taste

Ingredients to be pounded

15 -20 dry chilies (soaked)
2 - 3 pcs of tumeric 黄姜
1 pc of Galangal ( lengkuas ) 南姜
3 stalk of lemon grass (Serai) 香茅
15 to 20 Shallots小葱头
1 clove of garlic 蒜米
7 candenuts (buah keras) 石古仔

  1. Put enough oil in the wok, fry the pounded ingredients till oil surface.
  2. Add in the chicken pieces, salt and sugar to taste.
  3. Cover and continue to cook the chicken.
  4. Make sure to fry the chicken every now and then to prevent stick to the wok. Fry till chicken is cooked.
  5. Serve hot with rice.

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