Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lady's Choice Recipe challenge Cook-Off Grand Finale

October 2012 has been an exiting and eventful month for me, It not only mark the 2nd Anniversary of my blogging journey, free and easy holiday trip to Sydney, Australia with buddy Bee Ling.  Hope I will be able to write on Australia trip at a later date.

But the most unexpecting and interesting is the  Lady's Choice Healthy Easting Campaign, which I was chosen as one of the 5 finalists for the grand finale of Lady's Choice Recipe Challenge Cook-off contest.

 Recipe Challenge Contest organized by Lady's Choice fan page
Contest Duration 15tg August - 10th October 2012
Just submit best Lady's Choice recipe and submit to the facebook's gallary.
The catch -  A  chance to win a kitchen makeover worth up to RM20,000/

When on the day of the contest only we know that -
2nd prize -  A samsung double door 550L refrigerator
3rd prize -  A samsung 46' Plasma TV
4th 5th consolation prize -  Philips flyer

I am so happy to be the 2nd winner of the contest and won a Samsung double door 550L refrigerator, Cash RM500/- and a hamper with all the Lady's Choice goodies.    \(^_^)/

To participate one has to submit one or maximum 3 food photos prepared using Lady's choice products.

 To my understanding there are about 70 entries in total.  Felt so blessed and lucky to be chosen as one of the 5 finalists.  When the annoucement were made I was having my holiday in Sydney with limited internet accessed.  And I will be back to Malaysia only on the late evening on 25th October, giving me only 4 days to get ready for the grand final!  =(

Contestands are required to prepare 2 dishes on the day of the recipe challenge finale (30th October 2012.  Fist dish would be the recipe submitted via facebook and the 2nd dish will be assignment given by the judges which is ' Stuffed Grilled Yellowtail fish ala Lady's Choice.

These are the 2 dishes I prepared during the contest. Recipe for the Cheesy Seaweed Sausage bread which I posted earlier. 

 The Stuffed Grilled Yellowtail fish ala Lady's Choice
As for this dish -  Taste 50%, Presentation -30%, Originality & Creativity - 10%, Preparation time - 10% 

Looking forward for the delivery of my new fridge!!! 

Update -  My new family member arrived today 13th November 12 with all the "WOAHS'
This Samsung fridge measuring  27 x 36 x 69 inches, Its huge! 



  1. Hi Wendy TQ! Congrats to you as the winner of "Think out of the Shell Pastry Competition" High 5 to you! Piak!

  2. Wow! congrats on winning the huge fridge! you are an amazing cook!
    btw, If you love baking, I have 3 baking books to giveaway on my blog. come join the giveaway.

  3. Hi Shannon, Thank you! Amazing Cook? Paiseh le! Will check out on the giveaway baking books on yr blogs!