Friday, August 31, 2012

Cheesy Sausage Bread

Today is the last day of August 2012 and Merdeka Day for my country Malaysia!  Happy Birthday to MALAYSIA!

Rounding up the day with the much waited details for this favorite Cheesy Sausage for the young and old alike.  Just follow simple step by step from the photos!  Easy, Right?

 Step 1  -  Trim the edges of the bread

2.  Place  seaweed on top of the bread

3.  Place cheese slices on to of the seaweeds

4.  Arrange sausages ( Cooked in boiling water) on the bread

5.  Roll up the bread and seal the edges with some eggs

 6.  Dip  the sausage bread  into the slightly beaten eggs

7.  Then roll  and coat the sausage bread with  breadcrumbs. 


8.  Dry fry the cheesy sausages breads in hot oil till golden brown.

8.  Serve with chilli sauce, mayonnaise or  any  other sauce of your choice!

Enjoy this yummy snack as lunch, tea break, or any time of the day!


  1.  Ummm... Delete Step 2 (there is no need for seaweed in this recipe) and this food will go down well at any gathering. 

  2. I was thinking the same. It looks great. But I would leave out the seaweed. Is there any specific reason to add it?