Thursday, August 30, 2012

Malaysia Food Fest - Melaka Food for August 2012

Chanced upon this Malaysia Food Fest event with  just 2 days before closing for popular food from Melaka.  The event is for participants to prepare and submit photos, recipes of food represent the particular state of the month  to the facebook page.  The event duration is from August 2012 to August 2013 hosted by popular blogger Wendy's Table for two.  Anyone with  facebook account can join in the fun!  For further detail, you may refer here

The food for the month of August 2012 -  Melaka

For the record,  I am submitting the following posts to Malaysia Food Fest 2012  are as follow :

 1.  Authentic Asam Prawns  -  Refer here for the recipe

This is the photo that won me  Pantry Magic's  cash voucher worth RM300/- to shop at Pantry Magic!   Wheeee..........  ^_^

2.  Kampung Style Fried Rice  -  Refer here for the recipe.  ( This dish was  not qualified)

3. Nyonya Cincalok Omelet -  Refer here for the recipe

4.  Dry Prawns Sambal with Petai  -  refer here for the recipe
This is one of the very 1st photo when I started to blog.  Submitted this photo for an FB  contest and won me an old cookbook on micro wave cooking by Mrs Fong.

5.  Steamed kampung Chicken with Cincalok  -  Refer here for recipe

 One more my most favorite finger nyonya food that i wanted to submit but dont seem to located the recipe in my blog, wonder how shall I missed that out.  Will get it organized, and hope to submit it on time!  Can u guess what that will be?? 


  1. Hi Christine,
    You need to email me the deatails :


    1. Bloggers
    a. Prepare a dish (sweet or savory) that is from the Melaka.
    b. Blog about it from 1st August – 31st August
    c. Include this caption below your blogspost
    “I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest (link to here , Melaka State hosted by Cindy of yummylittlecooks)”

    Send the following information to this email address (cindyensia<@> with the email title as “MFF Melaka”

    Title of Blog:
    Name of dish:
    URL of blog post:
    Picture : (URL or attachment that is lesser than 500k.)

    1. Yummylittlecooks, Thanks for the info, will try to do it soonest! Hope to do it correctly, not very sure on part (c).

  2. Malaysia food is great you can enjoy having it in Melaka.

    good bar food in singapore

    1. Malaysia food comes with plenty of varieties. Many Singaporean comes to Melaka for 'makan' and shopping spree! Right?