Monday, April 11, 2011

Kampung Fried Rice with Belachan 家乡銀鱼馬来盞炒饭

The aroma of the shrimp paste (belancan) ; anchovies make this an irresistible meal

Kampung Fried rice with belacan is a typical Malaysia cuisine Nyonya style  enjoyed by all races in Malaysia. An simple and easy to cook meal, for those lazy mamas like me when you don't feel like cooking a big meal.  Try this  1 dish meal for  lunch or dinner.

Here goes the recipe


2 tbsp of dried anchovies ( small Ikan Bilis) - washed and drained
200 gms small prawns - clean and shelled ( I used diced ham chips)
2 eggs - pepper and fish sauce mix well
1/2 tbsp toasted shrimp paste (belacan) mashed
1 red chilli - diced
5-6 longs beans - diced
2 bowls of cold cooked rice (I used brown rice)

salt and pepper to taste
1 lime


Deep-fry anchovies in hot oil on medium heat until crispy. Dish and drain
Leave1 tbsp oil in work, add in the beaten egg and stir to scramble. Dish out.
Add 3 tbsp oil in wok, add in belacan fry till aromatic, add in prawns (ham chips), chilli, long beans and continue stir-fry till aromatic
Add in salt, pepper, fish sauce to taste, cold rice and fried scramble egg, stir and mix well.
Before dishing out mix in anchovies, leave some for garnishing.

Sprinkle the remaining fried anchovies on top and squeeze in the lime juice

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