Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Steamed chocolate cake with Topping

My first ever cake with topping, I take it as a challenge to myself. This cake is specially make for one of Tammie's best friend - Chi Jun for her father's birthday cake. Pretty nervous on decorating the cake, as I hardly have any experience. Its turned out quite satisfactory as Chi Jun msg that the cake is pretty and most of all delicious! Hmmm...... What a relieve!

After Chi Jun's request for a birthday for her dad. Here is another request from Tammie's friend for a birthday again.
I have never learn how to decorate a cake, these are my maiden attempts, of course can't compare with those experts, but quite satisfied with my own creation.

Feel so good today (1st May 2011) when Tammie's friend msg that she had never tasted such a yummy home bake chocolate cake and she ate 1/2 of the cake on her own! Hehehe..... Hulala!
Christine Boleh!

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