Wednesday, November 17, 2010

螞蟻上樹 Lettuce wrap

Lettuce Wrap again on Saturday 11th June 2011
Do you think it looks like (螞蟻上樹 ) ants climbing the tree? hehe...

This dish was inspired when Hubby and I with some friends dined at Purple Cane.
The name of the dish is 螞蟻上樹 (literally means ants climbing the tree) but cant remember what is the name in English; literally translation is 'ants climbing on to the tree. I should break the fried mee hoon into smaller pieces so that they looks like ants. To eat, just put the fillings and fried mee hoon on the lettuce, wrap it and dip with chille sauce n 'wallop'.

To prepare -

Deep fry some mee hoon and break into small pieces.

Put some oil in the wok, add minced garlic, add cubed prawns (seasoned with fish sauce, sugar and pepper, a bit of cornflour), cubed taufu, carrot, mushroom etc or any veg or ingredients of your liking, stir fry a while, add seasoning, oyster sauce, salt to taste.
Arrange the lettuce, fried mee hoon and mee hoon resemble 螞蟻上樹 and serve.

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