Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Boiled Bird's Nest With Ginseng 炖燕窝 泡参

Bird's nest Ginseng with egg and without egg, depend on individual liking

Would like to thank Evelyn for the special gift from Kuching, Sarawak and how about making it a habit?! hehehe.....

According to scientific findings, Bird's Nest contain lots of calcium and minerals essential for the general health of the body. It is especially nourishing for the lungs and throat. Maintaining a good complexion with regular consumption, it helps to promote good circulation of the blood system. It is neither too cooking nor heaty, and is suitable for the young and old.

There are many way to prepare Bird nest.

  1. Pure bird's Nest: Use a crock pot or double boiler for best results. add rock sugar to taste.
  2. Bird's Nest with Chicken: Put Bird.s Nest into chicken. Stew for hours.
  3. Bird's Nest with Porridge: Bird's Nest cooked with Porridge provides you with a very nutritious and delicious meal.
  4. bird's Nest with Fish Maw: Stew Bird's Nest and Fish Maw in a crock-pot or double boiler. Add rock sugar to taste.
  5. Cold Bird's Nest: After Bird's Nest is cooked, let it cool for a while before putting into the refrigerator. Do not add ice-cubes to Bird's Nest.
  6. Bird's Nest with Ginseng: Stew Bird's Nest and Ginseng in a crock-pot or double-boiler. Add rock sugar to taste.
I am preparing the nourishing desserts for my whole family as per recipe below, simple and easy.

Super Grade Bird's Nest from Kuching.

Soak in water for about 3 to 4 hours till expand and soft
Ginseng泡参 , rock sugar, red dates and egg


20-30gm Ginsing
4 pcs of bird nest (soaked in water till soft)
Rock sugar to taste
5-6 pcs red dates
1.2 liter hot water
1 egg


  1. Put all ingredients except the egg into a slow cooker and cooked for 4 hours, or using double boiled method.
  2. Add in 1 egg slightly beaten to the dessert and serve hot.

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