Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Herbal Jelly (Guilinggao 龟苓膏)

Today is "Chap Goh May' which means 15th of January in Hokkien and marked as the last day of Chinese new year celebration. As for the Chinese today is Valentine day.
My husband birthday falls on Chinese and Western Valentine Day 14th February and Chinese calender is 15th January. How lucky he is orh!

This year children bought a tub of 'La Cremeria Chocolate Obsession" ice cream for their papa's birthday celebration. But the ice cream all gobbled up by the children!

Happy Valentine n Birthday to my old man and all of you out there!

Today, sharing with you an easy to make desserts. Just follow the instruction from the box, chilled in the fridge, Tada.... here you are a delicious and cooling desserts. Don't forget to add in the brown sugar syrup to enhance the taste.

Chilled in the fridge before serving


  1. Put one small packet of the powder (10gm) mix with a little cold water to mix powder in paste.
  2. mix the paste with 200ml of boiling water.
  3. Chilled in the fridge
  4. Add sugar fluid or honey to serve.
  5. It is best served chilled.