Monday, February 27, 2012

Flaky Pandan Egg Tarts 酥蛋挞

Using the same recipe that I posted earlier for the Egg Tarts.  The only different is the fillings.  I am posting the recipe for the Pandan juice  filling here only.

Pandan Egg Tarts using the pure Pandan juice!

Filing  the egg tarts

10-15 Pandan leaves  -  Clean and blend the pandan leaves with  100 ml of water and keep in the fridge.  Measure 25 ml pandan juice from the residue of the pandan juice.
Water 300 ml
60ml milk
5 eggs - beaten

Boil caster sugar, water and pandan juice till dissolved.  Set aside to cool down.  Mix all the filling ingredients until well-combined.  Strain.

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