Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chilled Tau Fu Fah 冷冻豆腐花

How about Tau Fu Fah with a twist?  Chilled with cooling sensation rather a tradition warm Tau Fu Fah?   Instead of using the lime powder, we used agar agar powder!  
The most important is it is super easy to prepare! That give  you the urge to want to prepare this cooling desserts for you, your family and family to enjoy right?
As for me I still prefer the warm tau fu fah,  but youngster and children just love the chilled Tau Fu Fah!  In short, the choice are yours! 


 You can actually see the Tau Fu Fah tremble when shake the plate!  ^_^

I prefer Tau Fu Fah to go with Palm sugar syrup!  What about you!

Chilled Tau Fu Fah with Lycee and Palm sugar syrup!

If you prefer the traditional Tau Fu Fah which is posted earlier which is a hit among family and friends!    Please click here. I have another  related postings  on Unlimited Creation of Tau Fu Fah to share with everyone too!

1200 ml of soy bean milk without sugar at room temperature             
1 tsp agar agar  powder    ( I used the Japanese brand)


1.  Pour half the soy bean milk in a pot over stove at  medium fire
2.  Add the agar agar powder to the balance of the soy milk, stir and mix till agar agar powder dissolve.
3.  Pour soy bean milk agar agar mixture into the soy bean milk continue to boil.
4.  Off the fire once the soy milk come to a slow boil.
5.  Remove the foamy part of the soy milk.  Chilled the soy milk  in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
7.  Serve chilled with palm sugar syrup or sugar syrup.

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