Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chef Bagus Cook-off challenge 2013 ~ Marriot Hotel

I would like to dedicate this post to my future grand children and so on......, enabling them to know  what their grand mother  has been through during her golden era.

Since my inaugural live cooking contest by Lady's Choice,  and subsequent  Cornell Cooking Contest, my confidence of live cooking has built up.  I could still remember my hands were trembling during my 1st cooking contest.  LOL.... 

On the Marriott Hotel's  Chef Bagus challenge, six finalists were chosen to compete for the Chef Bagus Cook-off Challenge 2013 LIVE at Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya on the 4th July 2013 (Thursday)
The contestants had to prepare 2 recipes  with 2 different main ingredients within 1½ hrs.  We were required to prepare 2 sets for each of the dishes; one for the judges to taste, another for display/photography.
The contest is somehow similar to the "Iron Chef" concept as no clue was given for the two main dishes prior to the contest day!    Phewwwww............  Stresssss  lo.....

Nevertherless, it was a fun and challenging event for all the 6 contestants.  I personally would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to MARRIOTT HOTEL, PUTRAJAYA for organizing the event.  BRAVO! 

The recipes of the 3 winners were prepared by chef of Marriott Hotel  to showcase  at their Ramadan Buffet 2013 promotion.

The Winners
I won the 1st Runnerup prize, a flight ticket for a 3D/2N stay for two in Miri Marriot Resort and SPA, Sarawak. Thank you Marriott Hotel!  

Group photo with all the contestants and the VIPs

Winning dishes were prepared based on the recipes from the 3 winners and displayed at Hotel during the month of Ramadan .

                         Caramel Lamb Cutlets by Hotel's  Chef, courtesy from original recipe.

Closed up photo of Caramel Lamb Cutlets by Hotel's  Chef. 

                                                                The Panel of Judges

Realtime action in the kitchen at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya!  ^_^

Food tasting  to determine the winners

The Panel of judges comprised of the Chief Marriot Hotel chef,  Restaurant owner, Nutritionist and Media Representative

Interviewed by the journalist from New Straits Times

Dishes prepared by the contestants on the  day of Chef Bagus Cook off Challenge 2013

Another memorable day to last a life times...  \(^_^)/

Updated 4th August 2013



  1. Christine, congrats kawan! Your future grandchildren will be very proud of you! Well done lah. Eh, where is the dish you prepared? Your family must be very proud of you. They got winner to cook for them, so lucky :)

    1. Oh, sorry I didn't realised you cooked the caramel lamb cutlet. Looks good lah, wish I can taste!

    2. Phong Hong, TQ! haha.... u have a good sense of humour...

  2. Congrats Christine. Of course your grandchildren would be so proud of their super talented grandma. Keep it up!