Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Passion Fruit Ogura Cake #12 百香果相思蛋糕

It has been almost 2  months that I last posted my Ogura Cake Series.  No, its not that I stopped baking Ogura Cakes, in fact I have baked a few with different  favors but all the photos  have been kept in the file collecting spider webs.  Lazy worms all stuck over my body, having tough time to get rid of them.   hehe....

But this Passion Fruit Ogura Cake is one of my most successful products so far in term of  the texture.  The only complaint I have is my itchy hands sprinkle the passion fruit on the top  layer of the batter before going into the oven  that resulted  with so many ugly 'tahi lalat " (mole) on the surface of the cake.  That made the cake looked cracked but it was not.    Otherwise I will have a perfect smooth looking Ogura Cake.  Sign....

 Sensational Passion Fruit Ogura Cake -  with  melt in mouth super soft texture

 Photo taken from balcony to get more sunlight!   Running out of location for the 'main actor' to post de .......

   I am satisfied on  the base of the cake, 'almost'  perfect!

Please don't let the ugly 'tahi lalat'  (dark mole) deceit you!    hahaha....

This is my 12th cakes on Ogura Cakes series.....  I am yet to get bored with these cakes. 

 Ingredients A

Corn oil  65gm
Milk 60 ml
1/4 tsp salt
5  Egg yolk
1 egg
65gm Superfine flour
40gm  passion fruit juice
some passion fruit

Ingredients B

5  egg white
75gm caster sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method A
  1. Beat egg yolk, whole egg, corn oil, milk and salt till foamy.
  2. Mix in flour  slowly till well blended.  Mix in the passion juice  till well  incorporated. Keep aside.
Method B

  • Beat egg white till foamy add in  cream of tatar, then add in sugar in 2 batches, continue beating until soft peak is formed or the egg white will not drop when over turn the mixing bowl.
  • Mix 1/3 of  of the meringue  into the egg yolk batter slowing  till well  combined.
  • Add  in  all the above into the meringue and fold in till well blended
  • Add in passion fruit and mix well.
  • Pour in a 9" cake pan and  using steam bake  method (please refer here on the baking method ) and bake  for 45 mins at 170°C
  • Over turn the cake to cool.                       

My other Ogura cakes includes Pandan Ogura Cakes, Ogura Cheese CakeCoffee Ogura Cakes, Green Tea Ogura Cake  and Bamboo Charcoal Ogura Cake  , Black Sesame Ogura/Orange Ogura Cake  and many more for your reading pleasure!                                                                                               


  1. Christine, another nice one! Your cake didn't shrink much. Must try this flavour :)

  2. Christine.......... I'm droolinnnnnnnnnng. Aiyoh, how am I going to be as good as you and Phong Hong, and the others??? How I wish! Anyway, thanks for sharing. I think I must give this a try but also be prepared to see the cake ended up in the garbage bins. I'm used to it, hahahaha...

  3. Phong Hong, Ivy, Christine gone crazy with Ogura Cake liao! hehe....

  4. Hi Christine,

    Your passion fruit ogura cake looks very soft and beautiful.

    I'm sorry that you can't link this post with our recent fruit buckle bake-along. Our rule of bake-along is you have to bake something along our proposed themes in order to able to link up with us. Nevermind that you didn't know this time, you can baking with us for our next bake-along with classic cinnamon rolls using a William Sonoma recipe.



  5. Zoe, thank you for explanation! I am always the 'MCC' blur blur type! hehe

  6. HI Christine,

    Can I ask how do you get passion fruit juice? U blend the passion fruit pulp with seeds? Pls advise. Thanks.


    1. Hi Yvonne, as for the passion juice, i go by the easy way that is measuring the fresh, juice and seeds together to get the 40gm lo.... hehe

  7. Question, Christine! So when you make ogura cakes, you only beat the egg whites to soft peak? A lot of others are beating it until close to stiff peak. I wonder if that is the reason why my cakes sink a lot everytime I bake ogura ='( I was taught to beat the egg whites to close to stiff peak all this time.

  8. Cherish, I hv done some research and concluded that the egg white beat till between soft n stiff peak ie the tip curls like a hook.
    and the egg yolk batter should beat till close to pale. hope this will help you. I am learning from you at the same time! Happy Oguraing!

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