Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Charity Cooking Demonstration at Children's Spastic Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

My second charity cooking demo was held at Selangor Children's Spastic Association Centre, Petaling Jaya  (my first was at Ti-Ratana petaling Jaya in July 2013).  Confidence has picked up gradually through a few previous live cooking competitions.  I would like to put this in record to invite more people  who are staying around Klang valley to join these charity cooking demo and help to generate funds  for  the less fortunate children. Datin Faridah as head of the Charity organisation will draw up events each month.

Cooking demo is held every last Saturday of each month (unless otherwise stated)  at the Spastic Centre, No. 14 Lorong Utara ‘A’ off Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, (Behind Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya)  
A few famous Malaysian chef who have volunteered to do cooking demo at the centre include Chef Wan, Chef Agnes Chang, Chef Kelvin Chai,  Chef Asrah, Chef Margaret Cheng, Mrs. Yap (Vegetarian Dishes), Chef Kulen,  Chef Ricky Ng and so on......

  A nominal fees of RM15.00 (minimum) is charged as donation to the Spastic Centre, which comes with a lucky draw and light refreshment and taste of demonstrated dished is served after each demo.  Its a noble and meaningful way to volunteer your free Saturday mornings.

 I was invited by Chef Margaret Cheng to do a cooking demo on 28th September 2013

My dishes are -

Coral Seaweed kerabu

Baked Honey Chicken wings (using my self  made Aromatic Spice Salt)

Moist Steamed Chocolate Cake

Group photo after the cooking demo (with some camera shy participants not in the picture)  We have a total of 36 people attended the cooking demo, consider a good turn out.  (Datin Faridah - 2nd from the right)

Thank you  chef Margaret Cheng for the lovely  Yum Yum cookbook!

Here is another NGO charity Organization lead by Fuzi with big dream to help those in need.  More information on this in my future post.

TQ all for liking  my baked aromatic honey chicken wings   \(^_^)/

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake (Photo taken was not that satisfactory  )

 Coral Seaweed Kerabu  (Aiyo,  the  coriander leaves was just dump )

 During this charity demo, my aromatic spice which is used to marinate the chicken wings  were all snapped up.  For more details of the spice, please refer here.  

In conclusion I would like to invite all to make yourself available  every last Saturday  each month to attend these cooking demo.  
Please leave a comment below that you  are interested, I will then email future cooking demonstration to you! 
 I will announce in the faceback as well.  Hope to increase higher participation from all!  A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL IN ADVANCE!  CHEERS! 



  1. Hi, just came across this post and I am interested to join you.

    1. Hi Elaine, thank you for yr support! Appreciated. You may add me in the FB or give me yr email address to keep you inform on the charity cooking demo. You may now bookmark 26th October 2013 for the oct event. Details to follow.

  2. Hi Christine, thumbs up to you for your unselfish act. Will follow your updates via Facebook and should I am available on that particular Saturday, of course, I would love to to see your live demo. Do keep me inform and may you be well and happy!

  3. Christine, good for you! You are doing good work helping the less fortunate. You already have my email address :) Will try to join after my back recovers.

  4. Ivy and Phong Hong, thank you for yr supported. Appreciated.
    The next cooking demo will be on 26th October 2013. Try to keep yrself free on that day!
    Phong Hong, your back pain has been quite a while oredi leh. Do take good care and wish you recover soon!