Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apom, Penang (Hawker delights)

2 slices of banana and a few pieces of corns

In Penang, the food paradise, almost at every turn of corner, along main road, side lane are where special and unique food can easily be found.
This old man has been doing business for many years along Burma road in Penang. Somewhere opposite the 'Him Hiang" shop.
You will get a piece of Apom Balik at RM0.40. But you will never get enough for 1piece! Next time when you are in Penang do try out this Penang Hawker delight!

As we can't find a parking lot on this busy road, we just stop at the road side and packed 20 pieces of Apom for our afternoon snacks, Don't have to time to chat with this old man!

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