Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Terubong Sea Food, Penang

Discovered that there are lots of food lovers willing to go an extra mile to look for good food, be it in a posh and cozy restaurant or a back lane hawker delights. I would like to share with you my food hunting adventure, and this is solely my family's view. Its a kind of one man food another man poison. If you have better idea, comments and places for the food I have posted, please feel free to do so.

Here would like to recommend and share with you a restaurant that we must visit at least twice whenever we were in Penang for leisure and 'makan package'.

Stir-fried shark skin with spring onions. According to the restaurant owner that the Shark skin is rich in collagen so good for joint and excellent for ladies' beauty woh! I really dont know is this true!

When this Fish paste herbal soup reached our table is still piping hot leh! You will notice every table sure to have to soup. What more to say??!!

1st time tasted this vegetable! Nice! FB friend Wendy said this veg is call ' sayurumi' woh!

Fresh and juicy lala! Yummy!!

This fish is cut half - Half to steam. Fresh and sweet!

The other half - Grilled, taste even better

Sambal chilis to go with the grilled fish!

Grilled Stingray for another day's dinner

Local delight, Balitong

By 7.00pm is crowded with diner liao! patrons standing around to pick their favorite sea food. The chef is willing to recommend you the good foods

GPS direction : 5.387474 N,100.27496 E

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