Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Made 'Pizza" Bread

Updated 29th June 2015 done some shortcut quick and easy pizza bread to fill the hungry stomach.  If you like to Pizza Bread,  I am sure you will like the Easy puff pizza Patry as well. 

 A more colourful and appealing pizza bread with fillings of  yr choice.

I used to buy pita bread from Mediya for my home made pizza, this because I found their pita bread very soft in texture compare to other brand, but was told Mediya no more produce pita bread as the machine for making it was down and beyond repair. Mediya decided to stop producing pita bread since. Here we are using just white bread or whole meal bread to spread whatever topping we desire and make our own, and much healthy 'pizza' bread.

Hmmm.......Tammie (my youngest daughter can't wait to taste the 'pizza'

These DIY 'pizza bread' is prepared by Tammie from A to Z. I just gave her the idea.

This is an as easy as ABC to prepare snacks/breakfast/lunch for the whole family! So make it a joint family effort, get your children to involve to create their own topping of their choice. Children not only enjoy doing it, they will love and enjoyed yummy 'pizza' prepared by themselves. This is great, don't you think so? This will further strengthen family bond. Can imagine the fun you and children enjoyed!


White bread (how many you decide) I used whole meal bread
some butter to spread on the bread
Tomato sauce to spread on the bread (Optional)- We omitted this because of my children preference.
Mozzarella shredded cheese

Toppings - Unlimited choice to your family liking)

To name some of the topping -

ham chips, sausages, bacon button mushroom, chopped big onion, bell pepper of different color, crab stick and all other you can think of...........
You may refer my earlier tuna fish sandwiches as toppings to make it more adventurous!


  1. Spread butter over the bread
  2. spread another layer of tomato sauce
  3. Top with the topping of your choice
  4. Lastly spread mozzarella shredded cheese onto the topping
  5. Bake in a preheat oven till you can see the cheese oozing out, or some prefer to brown the cheese for more crispy and crunchy bites.My advice is try for cheese oozing out then the crispy, and determine which one your family prefer.
  6. The time really depend on what you prefer Baking duration . ...err....says.... 10 mins or so plus and minus.
  7. Tada....... The hot 'pizza' breads are ready for the whole family to enjoy!


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