Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cantaloupes(Honeydew) Ice Cream 哈蜜瓜冰淇淋

The ice cream is smooth and nice. But with a lousy camera man like me, the ice cream melts away while I trying to snap the photos ^_^

Cantaloupes is a type of honeydew in oblong shape and the fresh is in bright orange color and very tasty. It seems is in season now. Can easily buy from market and supermarkets.

The 1st ever ice cream that I tried to make was the Mocha Green Tea ice cream, the ice cream became icy and not smooth at all. 2nd attempt was even worse than the 1st attempt. I almost give up. Then, I came across this FB friend Lie Lai Kuen's ice cream, she made yummy ice cream with many varieties. Thank her so much for sharing the recipe. My children love this honeydew ice cream very much. you may find the original recipe here

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