Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY Garlic Spread for Wholemeal Toast Bread

Crispy and crunchy Garlic toast bread

Mix all ingredients together.

The bread are ready to toast in the oven about 5 mins or slightly brown

You may find garlic spread in supermarkets are not cheap, here I am sharing with you an easy and simple DIY garlic spread for your whole family to enjoy. There is no specific quantities in the ingredients, you may make your own judgements.

What you need

1 box of butter at room temperature
1 bundle of parley - amount to be adjust as per your liking - wash and chop finely
some white and black pepper
salt to taste
dash of oregano or other herbs (optional)
3 whole cloves of garlic or more - clean and pound into paste

Mix all the above together, and the garlic spread is done. You may store the garlic spread in the refrigerator for weeks.

For serving, just simply spread some garlic spread onto bread (I prefer wholemeal bread) or sliced french loaf. Bake in a preheat oven for about 5 mins or till golden brown.
You may eat it on its own or you may dip in the Pumpkin soup or Celery soup which I blogged earlier and that will be superb! Please leave comments if you like the recipe that I am sharing with you here! No comments mean you don't like my recipes!!?? @_@

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