Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paper Wrapped Chicken 纸包鸡

This is my mother, husband and Tammie's all time favorite; Tammie said this dish top the list of all style/ways of cooking chicken dishes. When frying the chicken, the aroma of the dish filled the whole kitchen, my daughter knows that her most favorite will be served on the dinner table soon. Hmmmm.......... so do try out the recipe and compare is it better than the famous Sri Kembangan Paper Wrapped Chicken? 

But I prefer to
bake them in the oven for very obvious reason, less oil and less messy and most important is that is the easiest and simplest way to prepare.

Here is the recipe of my very own creation.


4 chicken whole thigh - Wash and cut into 4 pieces per chicken thigh ( I used Kampung chicken 菜園鸡 which is more tasty and meat are firmer)

Marinate the chicken with the following

3-4 tsp my special home made 'aromatic spice'

 2 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp honey
2 tablespoon of Chinese Shao Shin Wine

Wrapping paper as shown in the photos - cut into 10" X 10" square
Oil for deep frying


Marinate the chicken for hours or preferable overnight.
Take a piece chicken and wrap with paper tucked in the paper nicely. Wrapped up all the chicken piecs.
Heat up oil for deep frying, lower the fire and put in the wrapped chicken pieces and deep fried on both side at about 5 mins each side. Make sure not to overcook it.
Unwrapped the paper and enjoy the yummy Paper wrapped Chicken 纸包鸡

Note: I have these secret recipe"aromatic spice" special prepared season salt passed down from my old antie for marinate meat. It comes very handy whenever I cooked Char Siew, Sweet and Sour Pork, Lamb Chop, beef, Chicken etc, either bake grille, deep fried, I just add some "aromatic spice", honey and chinese shao shin wine and be able to cook up delicious yummy dishes. I am intend to put on sale these very special "aromatic spice" RM8.00 per packet of 200gms excluding postage! The contents include salt, five spice powder, garlic, and herbs, no preservation.

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