Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Assam Meat Slices 亚参肉片

Recipe adapted from Y3K Recipes 38 Issue 09/10-2007

500g pork meat or sirloin (sliced)
2 tbsps assam pulp or assam jawa (mixed with 250 ml water, discard seeds)
2 pcs assam skin or assam gelugor

Spice paste: (ground fine)
4 pips garlic
8 shallots
5 buah keras or candlenuts
20 dried chillies
2 stalks serai or lemon grass
10g ginger

some salt
some sugar

  1. Heat up three tablespoons of oil, saute spice paste and pork slices. Stir-fry well.
  2. Add in both types of assam solution and assam skin. Simmer till meat has soften over medium heat.
  3. Add in some seasoning. Taste and adjust before dishing up and serve.

Assam Jawa ( Tamarind Paste)

Pound into paste

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